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In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to review your Diversity & Inclusion strategy, improve your operations, strive for equality, and strengthen your business for the future.

Diversity in the workplace is essential for increasing productivity and innovation, which in turn contributes to better business performance and growth.

  • Join in the discussion with those leading the industry on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the tech industry

  • Gain inspiration from others’ activities in the diversity sphere

  • Define and shape your own D&I strategy to benefit your business’ productivity long-term

  • Enable your company to stand out as a company really worth being a part of!

  • Discover key strategies to integrate high values into the fabric of business life.

Featuring contributions from the following:

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Our speakers

Diverse Tech LIVE featured a valuable mix of presentations and panel discussions on the latest D&I issues on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, with valuable contributions from across the tech industry on how to put effective D&I initiatives into action:


Saadet Yalcin

Diversity & Inclusion Talent Program & Recruitment Advisor: EMEA, Citrix

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Suzie Miller

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect & Member of Disability Employee Network Group, Microsoft UK


Chris Howard

Co-leader of Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum, and Senior Analyst, EPAM Systems

Rashi K

Rashi Khurana

Vice President of Engineering, Shutterstock

063 Nina Ma

Nina Ma

D&I People Network Co-ordinator & Technology, Data & Analytics Senior Associate, PwC 


Ulysses Smith

Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Blend


Zeinab Bakhtiari

Senior Data Scientist, TomTom


B. Pagels-Minor

Senior Data Product Manager at a large multinational media technology company

Nick Camara

Nick Camara

Global HR Director, Nomad Digital


Cass Averill

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Champion, and Founder, TransPonder


Lauren Allison

Tech & Public Diplomacy Advisor


Nadia Edwards-Dashti

Founder & MD, Harrington Starr, and Podcast Host of Fintech with Nadia: The D&I Discussions

Kate Baucherel

Kate Baucherel

Digital Strategy & Emerging Tech Consultant, Galia Digital, Blockchain author and Co-Founder, Sphere Network

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Discover practical strategies and case studies to increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce

One of the key challenges facing the technology sector is undoubtedly diversity and inclusion. Some progress has been made, but this has been slow, and many acknowledge that the sector has taken some steps backwards.

Women and those from BAME backgrounds are still extremely underrepresented in tech, with changes happening very gradually. The lack of funding going to underrepresented founders is also a strong contributor to the sector’s lack of diversity.

It is not only recruiting diverse talent that is the problem, but also the ability to retain these individuals. There have been reports of non-inclusive work environments at tech companies, and discrimination is a real issue – unfair treatment in the workplace is the largest driver of turnover in the industry, according to a study delivered by the Kapor Center for Social Impact and Harris Poll.

Without inclusion, any diversity progress will be short-term, so it is imperative that this is prioritised and championed from the top down.

It is positive that many of the current generation of start-ups are taking action to make their organisations diverse and inclusive from the outset. Clearly, it is more difficult for larger, more established companies to effect change, but steps must be taken to ensure their future pipeline of talent and ultimately, their ability to innovate and succeed.

Improving diversity is essential for increasing productivity and innovation, which in turn contributes to better business performance and growth.

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Diverse Tech LIVE  |  Main Agenda

Day 1 – Wednesday 2nd September 2020

13:00 BST   Improving Social Mobility in Tech

Join us in a fireside chat with Saadet Yalcin, Diversity & Inclusion Talent Program & Recruitment Advisor: EMEA at Citrix, where we will discuss: 

  • Saadet’s own background – how she overcame economic and educational challenges to complete a Master’s degree and progress in the tech industry
  • How is the sector doing in terms of attracting and retaining talent from a variety of social and economic backgrounds? What more can be done?
  • Are there enough visible role models and how important is this?
  • The importance of organisations recognising intersectionality – such as gender, race, and neurodiversity – in their D&I strategies and activities in order to be truly inclusive

Saadet Yalcin, Diversity & Inclusion Talent Program & Recruitment Advisor: EMEA, Citrix

14:00 BST   Creating D&I Strategies with Purpose

Blend, a digital lending platform, is a purpose-driven and principles-based company, which views diversity, inclusion and belonging as crucial to its long-term success as a business. We will be talking to Ulysses Smith, who heads up the company’s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) strategy, about:

  • How Blend’s approach to DIB centres on three specific beliefs in support of the company’s vision and purpose
  • Examples of how Blend actively removes barriers to participation, invests in development, and maintains a culture where every person feels valued
  • How the business leverages its diverse teams to build better paths for consumers to access financial capital
  • Why Blend sees data transparency as a crucial element of DIB
  • How can the sector remove structural barriers to the participation of historically marginalised

Ulysses Smith, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Blend

15:00 BST   Step Forward for Gender Equality

In this illuminating presentation, Nadia Edwards-Dashti – Founder and MD of Harrington Starr and passionate D&I advocate – will discuss:

  • How companies are leading the way for change
  • Awareness of the problem and understanding of the opportunities of greater diversity in tech
  • Women are still underrepresented in tech, especially in leadership roles. How can we address this?
  • The importance of mentoring and sponsorship
  • How to focus on visibility, work on agility and rally your team

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Founder & MD, Harrington Starr

16:00 BST   Panel Discussion: Women in Tech – Active Steps to Create a More Inclusive Culture

  • Progress made so far towards gender equality and insights from companies championing gender inclusivity in the workplace
  • How to ensure this topic is kept high on the agenda in the post-pandemic world
  • Are there tangible barriers to entry and progression for underrepresented groups within the sector, or is this slowly shifting?
  • How can we encourage greater inclusion and support for diverse talent?

Featuring panellists:

Suzie Miller, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect & Member of Disability Employee Network Group, Microsoft UK

Zeinab Bakhtiari, Senior Data Scientist, TomTom

Lauren Allison, Tech & Public Diplomacy Advisor

Kate Baucherel, Digital Strategy & Emerging Tech Consultant, Galia DigitalBlockchain author and Co-founder, Sphere Network

Day 2 – Thursday 3rd September 2020

12:00 BST   Creating Inclusive Environments for LGBT+ Individuals in Tech

From Mississippi to Chicago to Silicon Valley, B. has built their career around building great products for amazing brands while also working to enrich their community around them. Join us as we talk to B. about:

  • Their experience of being a trans, non-binary individual at some of the world’s biggest tech brands 
  • How tech companies can create a more inclusive culture
  • The challenges that still exist for LGBTQ+ tech professionals and how this can be addressed to ensure the sector can attract and retain diverse talent

B. Pagels-Minor, Senior Data Product Manager at a large multinational media technology company, and Founder at bpagelsminor.com

13:00 BST  Designing Inclusive Workplaces: We Can Do Better Than ‘Getting Back To Normal’ 

Inclusive Design and Accessibility impacts everyone. The pandemic has shown how “normal” doesn’t work in so many situations, especially for people with disabilities. Join us as we chat to Suzie Miller, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect and Member of the Disability Employee Network Group at Microsoft UK, about ways workplaces can take this opportunity to innovate and improve – rather than simply ‘getting back to normal’. We will discuss:

  • The impact of the pandemic on people with disabilities, and how innovations and adaptations designed to help the wider population during this time may have long-term benefits for those with a disability, whether hidden or visible
  • Microsoft’s commitment to inclusion and diversity, internally and externally, and tools they offer such as free accessibility training
  • How organisations can make small adaptations to ensure the workplace is inclusive for all
  • How can ERGs work effectively as part of an organisation’s D&I activity to make real change and contribute to business goals?
  • How important are allies?

Suzie Miller, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect & Member of Disability Employee Network Group, Microsoft UK

14:00 BST  The Power of Mentoring & Sponsorship

Join us as we chat to Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director of WeAreTheCity, about:

  • Why mentoring and sponsorship can make such a difference to the progression and retention of diverse talent
  • How sponsorship has played a key role in Vanessa’s own career journey
  • How does sponsorship differ from mentoring – are they equally important?
  • Advice on how to engage your staff in the concept of sponsorship and empower them to grow their networks and seek out their own sponsors
  • What does effective sponsorship look like and what are the steps needed to get there?
  • How WeAreTheCity can support with resources, advice and events

Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity

15:00 BST   Let’s Talk Transgender: A Conversation About Workplace Inclusion

  • Challenges across the sector and the current situation
  • How can we improve and where can we look for inspiration on solutions?
  • The companies taking positive steps 

Cass Averill, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Champion, and Founder, TransPonder

16:00 BST   Panel Discussion: Furthering Equality in Tech

  • Equal pay and equal opportunity: how will we reach this point and how can the sector work together to make genuine progress?
  • Are there any areas of the industry that seem more ‘equal’ than others – if so, why, and can we take inspiration from them?
  • How will we know when equality has been achieved – what are the best ways of measuring progress?

Featuring panellists:

Rashi Khurana, Vice President of Engineering, Shutterstock

Nina Ma, Senior Associate, PwC

Nick Camara, Global HR Director, Nomad Digital

Chris Howard, Co-leader of Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum, and Senior Analyst, EPAM Systems

What you will learn

At Diverse Tech LIVE, discover how to:

  • Enhance business resilience and performance with increased diversity

  • Attract and retain a higher percentage of diverse talent

  • Build an outreach program to encourage young people into the sector

  • Address unconscious bias in the hiring process

  • Increase diversity and inclusion in practice within every element of the employee lifecycle

  • Improve your benefits and policies to make them truly inclusive

  • Instill a mentoring culture within your company

Who should attend?

  • CxOs, Directors and Department Heads looking to encourage greater diversity and representation in their workplace

  • Progressive employees looking to align their own organisation with more inclusive values

  • D&I and Human Resources staff looking to grow a dynamic and energised workforce team, where employees can be truly proud of the place where they work

  • Champions of change who are keen to learn from prominent tech sector professionals on the frontline of change

  • All who want to help the technology industry evolve to include a wider, more inclusive workforce

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