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Andrew Miller’s job is to advocate and support the development of All In, the UK’s arts access scheme for deaf,…

Welcome to Diversity Network!
Harness the power of diverse thought, diverse teams 
and diverse opportunity for all.

We are a people-first organisation, here to support your transition to a more inclusive workplace culture.

Join a passionate community of company executives, HR and DEI directors and team leaders all over the world, committed to prioritising people management for improved employee experience, greater staff loyalty, a constructive company culture, and ultimately, increased success and profitability at every level.

Enable, Empower, Transform:

Achieve effective change management through visionary people-first leadership


Join Diversity Network’s year-round community to:

  • Raise your organisation’s reputation 
  • Foster creativity and diversity of thought 
  • Develop a happier, more engaged workforce
  • Unlock your staff’s potential
  • Expand staff demographics 
  • Achieve enhanced collaboration, productivity and profitability 

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Editor's choice
multi racial team with common ideas for start up business

Four ways to combat racism at work

Four experts discuss how you can most effectively support racial minorities in your workplace. 1 Call out aggressions and share stories “If we do nothing about racism, the dial won’t just say the same, it will go back,” says Trevor Sterling, Senior Partner at Moore Barlow, who is only one of two senior legal partners in the UK who is

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Smiling woman using sign language with colleagues and friends

How to support colleagues with hearing difficulties

Tina Lannin is the owner of LinkedIn group ‘Diversity and Disability@Work’, which is a valued media partner of Diversity Network. Tina is also the founder of 121 Captions and an expert forensic lip reader, lip-reading teacher, live captioning and subtitles provider and a deaf awareness trainer and careers consultant. Here, Tina shares her lived experience of being deaf in the

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creative male office worker with coffee writing

“Talent is everywhere but opportunity isn’t”

Those from lower socio-economic groups are missing out on promotion and recognition in the workplace, says Rosalind Goates, Head of Advocacy and Campaigns, at the Social Mobility Foundation (pictured). Rosalind recently joined us to speak at Diversity Network’s INCLUSION Festival as part of a panel discussion about how to improve social mobility pathways. Did you know that there is a

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How can we empower middle managers to be leaders?

“Shifting culture is never fast or easy: consistency is the key to delivering a sustainable change to be proud of. “Inclusion is what you do every day inside and outside of work.” Oli O’Donoghue – MBE is Managing Director of Mortgages for HSBC. She been working in the banking sector since 2008 and was recognised for her services to diversity in

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What do we cover?

Diversity Network is here to support the practical implementation of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace, for an altogether better business.

About US

Come and join the changemakers!

Everyone wants to work in a collaborative environment where they are accepted, appreciated and recognised for what they do. But implementing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is an enormous task and often complex to get right – it requires creativity, commitment, collaboration, teamwork and lots of training. No-one can make the change alone – and that’s why being part of a living DEI community is so essential. 

Whatever sector you’re in, whatever your size of business and wherever you are located, Diversity Network is here to enable you to gain hands-on DEI support from other DEI changemakers all over the world, spanning every possible sector, industry and geography. 

Over the past 4 years, my team and I have helped countless individuals to move their DEI implementation plans from ideas to action, and we want to do the same for you! 

With access to reliable DEI advice on tap to help, join Diversity Network to gain fresh perspectives, make new connections and instigate your DEI initiatives with confidence

Together, let’s make change happen.

- Founder and Director, Diversity Network


With the support of an expert panel of advisors, Diversity Network’s events, meetups and resources are carefully designed to help you to establish an effective people management strategy for your setting, work through the practicalities for implementation, create greater levels of opportunity for all and achieve effective, lasting cultural transformation.

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