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Online DEI courses

Gain a deeper knowledge of various facets of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through hands-on, informative courses and gain completion certificates to celebrate your achievements - encouraging continuous learning all year round.

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Latest DEI News

Stay up to date with the very latest Diversity, Equity and Inclusion news and developments around the world, via regular articles within our own network, and up-to-the-minute global DEI news from across the web.

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DEI Video Library

Our extensive video library features a huge range of audio and video content for you to explore, including in-depth interviews, panel discussions, workshops and presentations by many prominent figures in the DEI space, from all over the world.

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Regular events

Gain access to regular events and meetups throughout the year to enhance your learning and network with other Diversity Network members.

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Articles & Reports

Gain access to a wide range of D&I resources, articles, whitepapers, reports and written publications, for instant fact-checking and easy ongoing reference.

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Podcast interviews

Our interviews cover all manner of themes and are a great way to keep up to date with the Diversity Network community and enhance your awareness of D&I issues.

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Improve your knowledge of diversdity, equity and inclusion strategies and stay upto date with latest trends.

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