Charlie Woodhead, Accessibility & Inclusion Manager at LNER

Charlie Woodhead has been the Accessibility & Inclusion Manager for London North Eastern Railway for nearly 3 years.

As a visually impaired person who faced the challenges of independent travel while studying at university, Charlie wanted to find ways to drive improvements for disabled people on public transport as much as possible. After graduating Manchester Metropolitan University with a law degree, Charlie started at LNER leading the Accessibility strategy, managing the customer experience and legal compliance, as well as working cross-industry to deliver consistent change for customers.

Charlie is also the chair of the Women in Rail / Railway Industry Association ‘EDI Charter’ which sets out to support railway organisations in improvement their understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion and how the industry can be driven forward.

Charlie has a passion for increasing independence and equality and leads LNER’s Disability Equality Training programme and strategy, including spreading awareness and understanding of the social model of disability and the importance of language and respectful communication.