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Four reasons why millennials job hop

Millennials are different from generations before them: they have different values; they have different work styles; and they have different…


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Diversity Network brings together company leaders, DEI experts and HR practitioners from all over the world to swap ideas and showcase best practice, to speed up the transition to a healthier business culture where all employees can thrive.

Through Diversity Network’s events, meetups and on-demand training, swap ideas, get advice from the experts and gain the support you need to create a detailed DEI strategy that works. 

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“I have been lucky – I have had nothing but support in my scientist career”

Laura Brindle is Satellite Operations and Data Manager with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Centre (CSIRO) for Earth Observation in Australia. She has been interviewed for International Women’s Day by Spatial Source, the independent news service for the Australasian surveying and spatial sectors. Q: How did you get into this field, and what attracted you to it? A: “I completed an MSc in Environmental

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Workforce returners: Handcuffs to cufflinks

There are 95,500 people in prison in the UK and 1.2 million in the US; in America, as many people have criminal records as those who have a college diploma. According to the UK government, only 17 per cent of ex-offenders manage to get a job within a year of release – and yet individuals will be nine percentage points

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diversity and inclusion at the university

My becoming – Reflections of an EDI Lead in a school setting

‘My Belonging’ The EDI lead at Beconsfield High School in the UK, Caroline Anukem, reflects on her experiences of implementing EDI in a school. Meet Caroline Anukem, a trailblazer and passionate advocate for Equity, Diversity and inclusion. With an extensive background in law, education, public sector engagement and non-profit leadership, Caroline has dedicated over 15 years to driving positive change.

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Companies need to not only accept different thinkers, but embrace them

“Companies need to not only accept different thinkers, but embrace them” Cathy Donnelly, Chief People Officer at Texthelp, shares insights on fostering workplace inclusion, supporting neurodiverse staff and driving employee engagement. In this interview, Cathy shares insights on how companies can better support employees with neurological differences and embrace neurodiverse teams. Neurodiversity includes a wide range of conditions including dyslexia,

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What do we cover?

Diversity Network is here to support the practical implementation of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace, for an altogether better business.

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Everyone wants to work in a collaborative environment where they are accepted, appreciated and recognised for what they do. But implementing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is an enormous task and often complex to get right – it requires creativity, commitment, collaboration, teamwork and lots of training. No-one can make the change alone – and that’s why being part of a living DEI community is so essential. 

Whatever sector you’re in, whatever your size of business and wherever you are located, Diversity Network is here to enable you to gain hands-on DEI support from other DEI changemakers all over the world, spanning every possible sector, industry and geography. 

Over the past 4 years, my team and I have helped countless individuals to move their DEI implementation plans from ideas to action, and we want to do the same for you! 

With access to reliable DEI advice on tap to help, join Diversity Network to gain fresh perspectives, make new connections and instigate your DEI initiatives with confidence

Together, let’s make change happen.

- Founder and Director, Diversity Network


With the support of our panel of Advisory Board experts, Diversity Network’s events, meetups and resources are carefully designed to help you to establish an effective DEI strategy, work through the practicalities and sow the seeds to create meaningful and lasting DEI change.

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