How to enhance workplace wellbeing

On Tuesday 2 July, Diversity Network’s digital INCLUSION Festival held a full day devoted to employee health and wellbeing. 

The opening keynote speech was delivered by Kylie van Luyn, Founder, Elevated Coaching & Consulting Global, who shared her latest thinking about protecting employee mental health and wellbeing and enhancing psychological safety in the workplace.

Meanwhile, according to LinkedIn, 98 per cent of HR managers feel burnt out. “You’re not alone. I’m fortunate to be part of a large HR team but if you are the only HR manager or wellbeing manager, connect with others for that support network,” said Catherine Ritchie, Wellbeing and Experience Manager, Clifford Chance, who also shared her best-practice advice for tackling burnout at work.

Other sessions on workplace health and wellbeing included an inspiring session about employee resilience by Amit Ghose, Chief Program Officer, Billion Strong; tackling loneliness at work is explained by Ruth Pott, Head of Workplace Wellbeing for UK and Ireland; and how to devise a successful employee cancer support programme, shared by Laura Dutton, Wellbeing Manager, PwC.

Practical suggestions for supporting men and women’s health in the workplace (including for the LGBTQ+ community) were presented by Richard Martin, CEO, Mindful Business Charter, Helen Choudhury, Head of DEI, Music Publishers Association, Colette Harris, Women’s Health Campaigner and Journalist, Kasia Zduniak, Advocate and Leader in the field of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Lee Chambers, Director, Male Allies UK and Dr Venessa Marie Perry, Organisational Psychologist, Health Resources Solutions LLC.

Finally, our wellbeing day concluded with a Confidence Workshop delivered by Alyssa Dver, Founder, The American Confidence Institute.

Click here to find out more and access the sessions on demand.

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