Upcoming Events from Diversity Network

We are pleased to connect our global community across the year through a series of informative, insightful online events designed to support collaboration, training, wellbeing, and to help you develop new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives in-house. 


Here are the details of our next online events (click below to register):


Here are the dates of more Diversity Network events in 2023. Registration for these events will open shortly.

Achieving Racial Equality and eliminating unconscious and implicit bias
Tuesday, 21st March 2023
12pm EDT | 4pm GMT 

Maternity, Paternity, Parental and Fertility Leave rights and responsibilities
Tuesday, 28th March 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST 

Lit candles in small decorative clay pots burning on patterned table cloth

Religion at work: Encouraging multi-faith inclusion and setting up spaces for prayer
Tuesday, 18th April 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST 

Decoration lamp in shape of plasma ball with red and blue electrodes, close-up

Fostering, enabling and supporting Neurodiverse colleagues
Tuesday, 25th April 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST 

Group of multi generational business people looking serious on camera inside coworking office

Why a multi-generational workforce is more productive: Strategies for uniting young and old
Tuesday, 16th May 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST 

Out to lunch. African american businessman is working, using his laptop while resting in the cafe

Improving Employee Wellness and Wellbeing, Belonging and Inclusion
Tuesday, 23rd May 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST

Smart working and video conference

Connecting a global workforce across the miles and defining a digital-first DEIB strategy
Tuesday, 5th June 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST 

Logistics supply chain management and international goods import-export concept .

Improving the diversity of Supply Chain partners and championing minority-owned businesses
Tuesday, 19th June 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST

Accessible Online Services for Wheelchair Users

Disability Inclusion and Accessibility: Setting the standards for success
Tuesday, 4th July 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST

Transgender flag background

Supporting Trans colleagues and overcoming stigma at work
Tuesday, 18th July 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST

Diverse young coworkers colleagues discussing project at desk in modern office.

How to attract a wider Talent Pool to your organisation and improve your demographics
Tuesday, 1st August 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST

Freelance girl working in a cafe. The girl works remotely. Work remotely. Online learning. Remote.

Flexible working and remote working: Fostering connection, belonging and trust 
Tuesday, 29th August 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST

Asian woman presenting financial report during meeting

DEI Reporting and Pay Transparency: Which metrics will best speed up the journey to equality?
Tuesday, 5th September 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST

Senior woman company leader brainstorming in conference room

Influencing change: Where should DEI Leaders sit in your organisation for maximum effect?
Tuesday, 26th September 2023
11am EDT | 4pm BST

Join us online during this festival week to gain the ideas, tools & resources you need to implement DEI effectively, build connections
with 1000s of your peers around the world, and gain practical, strategies & advice to bring about lasting change.

Large group of hr managers in formalwear standing in row

Recruiting with equanimity and maximising social mobility
Tuesday, 31st October 2023
12pm EDT | 4pm GMT

wooden cubes with ESG Environmental Social Governance symbol on table copy space.Business concepts.
How does DEIB fit into ESG? Demonstrating relevancy, ROI and continued progress over time Tuesday, 21st November 2023
11am EST | 4pm GMT
Businesswoman Addressing Multi-Cultural Office Staff Meeting
Becoming a DEI changemaker: How to exert influence to create a healthier company culture Tuesday, 5th December 2023
11am EST | 4pm GMT

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