Strategies for an age-inclusive workplace

 First broadcast on Tuesday 16th May 2023

With increasing numbers of older employees staying in the workforce and younger generations entering, creating a culture that values and supports workers of all ages is crucial for organizations to thrive. This webinar will explore strategies for building an age-inclusive workplace.

As people live longer and healthier lives, many are choosing to work beyond traditional retirement age. In addition, younger generations are entering the workforce with different perspectives and expectations than their predecessors. This means that organizations need to be more aware of age diversity and create inclusive workplaces that accommodate employees of all ages. 

However, age-related biases and stereotypes can create barriers to building an age-inclusive workplace. These can include assumptions that older workers are less tech-savvy or resistant to change, or that younger workers lack experience or commitment. Overcoming these biases requires a concerted effort to educate employees about the benefits of age diversity and provide training on how to work effectively with people of different ages.

Whether you’re an HR professional, a manager, or a team member, this webinar will provide valuable insights and actionable strategies to create a more age-inclusive workplace. Topics covered include:

   – Understanding the benefits of an age-inclusive workplace and how it can drive innovation and productivity
   – Addressing common age-related biases and stereotypes that can hinder inclusion efforts
   – Developing effective communication and collaboration practices across generational divides
   – Implementing policies and practices that support the needs and preferences of employees of all ages

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from experts in the field and connect with other professionals who are passionate about building diverse and inclusive teams.


12:05pm EDT / 5:05pm BST 

Panel Discussion: Fostering and Supporting Neurodiverse Individuals at Work

In this panel, join us as we focus on the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace culture that values neurodiversity and provides accommodations and support for neurodiverse individuals to thrive in their careers.

  – Identifying the benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace such as enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills
  – Overcoming common challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals at work such as sensory overload and discomfort, communication barriers and social interaction difficulties, difficulty with time management and organization and challenges with task completion and following through
  – Identifying strategies for accommodating and supporting neurodiverse employees
  – Building awareness and understanding of neurodiversity among all employees
  – Encouraging open communication and feedback


Andrew Eddy, Co-Founder, Untapped

Paul Fox, Vice President, Customer Acquisition (Workplace), Texthelp

Meike Bliebenicht, Neurodiversity Programme Lead, BP

Our Speakers

Paul Fox, Vice President, Customer Acquisition (Workplace), Texthelp

Paul is Key Account Director and UK & Ireland Acquisitions Manager for Texthelp. Working across a number of key sectors including Government, Public Sector, Health, Third sector, Housing and Private Sector SME’s, Paul and his team provide assistive software solutions that help support those organisations in their diversity, inclusion and accessibility journey.

Prior to joining Texthelp in 2017, Paul spent 20 years with a leading Irish bank where he held positions including Area Manager and Head of Direct Sales & Service and more recently has also worked with the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Having spent a number of years as Volunteer Director and Chair of Stepping Stones NI and with close personal experience of learning disability, Paul has developed a keen interest in accessibility, diversity and inclusion and is passionate about promoting workplace equality and creating opportunity for all. 

Outside of work, Paul is a dedicated husband, devoted father of three, musician and most recently qualified pilot!

Visit Paul’s LinkedIn profile

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Session 1 (35 mins):

Tackling age discrimination head-on

  – Assessing the impact of age discrimination and how and why it occurs 
  – Discover the huge difference having a multi-generational workforce has to the working environment 
  – Steps to achieve trust in the employer and a happier workforce 
  – Practical advice to consider when setting up a strategy to include all ages into the workplace 

Michael O’Reilly, Founder, Age Diversity Network

Session 2 (25 mins):

Supporting our future leaders and changemakers

  – Why younger workers are quitting the workplace
  – What are the financial implications of misusing younger workers?
  – Examining quiet quitting behaviours and younger workers’ vulnerabilities
  – How employers can support younger workers
  – Practical advice for employers wanting to start an early careers strategy 

Kasım Choudhry, President, Future Faces Chamber of Commerce

Session 3 (55 mins):

Panel Discussion: Foundations for a successful multi-generational workforce

  – What do we mean by older workers and what sort of discrimination this group can face in the workplace?
  – What are the foundations for a successful multi-generational workforce?
  – How can companies reimagine the traditional career path?
  – How can companies ensure that all employees are properly equipped for an agile, adaptive and responsive work culture?
  – How can flexible working be utilised to provide support for older employees? 
 – How can we measure success for multi-generational inclusion?


Nadia Younes, Global Head DE+I, Takeda

Dr Lauran Star, DEI Psychologist and speaker

Shelia Callaham, Executive Director, Age Equality Alliance 

Our speakers

Michael O’Reilly, Founder, Age Diversity Network

Fuelled by lived experience and a desire for change, Michael created the Age Diversity Network because he hase a genuine desire to change attitudes and challenge the narrative around ageism at work. He actively promotes the benefits of intergenerational teams through education and advocacy, not only to amplify the voices of older workers but to help create organisations older workers would want to work for.

He focuses on working with organisations to help them better understand how ageism manifests and the steps they can take to address it by utilising my experience as an Operations specialist.

He holds decades of experience in reviewing critical processes, designing and re-engineering what’s needed for businesses, helping to overcome resistance to change in the workplace, and implementing a roll-out method for teams. Coupled with his own challenges faced through ageism, and understanding what is needed by both sides, this puts him in a unique position to focus on what’s important and necessary to deliver a targeted and tailored result for the client.

Follow Michael on LinkedIn

Dr Lauran Star, DEI Psychologist and speaker


Dr. Lauran Star understands Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity challenges your organization may be facing and has evidence-based solutions with proven outcomes. ​​She is known for uncovering blind spots to achieve optimal performance and enhanced retention. Dr. Star dives in where others tread lightly yet is insightful, warm, and approachable.

Dr. Lauran Star has over two decades driving evidence-based inclusion, diversity, and equity in STEM, Healthcare, and Finance. She has worked with executive / senior leadership, human resource management, and employees with several  Fortune 500 companies; helping them create an inclusive organizational culture that thrives in today’s business.

Follow Lauran on LinkedIn

Nadia Younes, Global Head DE&I, Takeda

Nadia Younes is a Human Resources professional with over fifteen years experience in developing and launching strategic talent, diversity, innovation, flexibility and future of work change initiatives across a wide variety of sectors including Pharma/Biotech, Financial, International Organizations & Mining Experience integrating inclusion and diversity to improve business outcomes in mergers and acquisitions, employee and customer/patient experience, broad stakeholder engagement, talent management, marketing, research and development, procurement, and sales practices. 

Follow Nadia on LinkedIn

Sheila Callaham, Executive Director, Age Equity Alliance

Sheila is a longtime communications professional and diversity, equity and inclusion practitioner now turning her attention to the last allowable workplace “ism”–age. As the executive director and Board Chair for the Age Equity Alliance, she helps employers better understand the many ways that age bias, stereotyping and discrimination interferes with employee engagement and productivity across the age spectrum.

Follow Sheila on LinkedIn

Kasim Choudhry, President, Future Faces Chamber of Commerce

Kasim has experience in Business Events, Law, and Finance. As someone who has witnessed inequality and discrimination his whole life, Kasim has a keen focus on empowering underrepresented groups as well as promoting DEI in organisations, entrepreneurship, and apprenticeships.

As the director of Thinkfest, Kasim runs and manages several varied projects and events from small networking affairs to large scale live events. These include Pathway2grow business networking, the BAME Apprentice Network and Awards, The Festival of Apprenticeships, The Business Book Awards, The Thought Leaders Collective, NeuroInclusion and many more.

Kasim is a strong believer in work hard and play harder, and thrives off success.

Follow Kasim on LinkedIn

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