Rosa Salamone, Chair of Disability Alliance UK Business Resource Group, Boots UK

Rosa Salamone is the chair of the Disability Alliance UK Business Resource Group (“BRG”) for Boots. Rosa  joined the BRG with the aim of being an ambassador and an agent for change in the workplace as well as outside. 

Throughout the years Rosa has learned that most people are biased towards some conditions as well as having very little knowledge on how a disability may present itself.

The focus and aspiration for her work is that one day we should be able to talk about disability in the same way we talk about having a headache ‘accepted and understood by everyone’. No one should feel ashamed or be penalised because of one’s condition. Although we still have a long way to go to get to that point she strongly believes that the ripple effect of the change we can create today will hopefully give a better future.

Rosa is also a school governor and a mental health first aider who has supported colleagues, family and friends to navigate thought difficult times.