Psychological safety at work

One of the most important issues affecting DEI practitioners at the moment is psychological safety and the mental health and wellbeing of employees.

“Developing and enhancing emotional intelligence skills and trauma-informed leadership practices are essential to support psychological safety in the workplace,” believes Kylie van Luyn, the Founder of Elevated Coaching & Consulting Global.

Kylie says that it is vital for leaders and teams to develop a culture of psychological safety at work, and she uses a combination of emotional intelligence training, psychology, neuroscience and NLP techniques and practices to foster this: “By supporting people to shift their mindset and understanding their own unconscious bias, they can foster an inclusive and psychologically safe workplace culture, as well as long-term success and sustained behaviour change,” says Kylie, who will share her best-practice advice for fostering psychological safety in organisations at INCLUSION, the global online DEI festival running from 1 to 5 July 2024.

Join Kylie as she discusses:  

  • Helping businesses and leaders to develop an in-depth understanding of DEI and belonging
  • Developing and enhancing emotional intelligence skills and trauma-informed leadership practices to support DEI and psychological safety in the workplace
  • Cultivating a psychologically safe workplace
  • Shifting mindsets, understanding unconscious bias and achieving long-term DEI success

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