Neurodiversity Digital Focus Day 2022

Neurodiversity Digital Focus Day 2022

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Tuesday 27th September 2022

At Diversity Network's online Neurodiversity Digital Focus Day, discover new tools and resources to help you hire, support, and maximise the strengths of neurodivergent employees, and learn about the many benefits a neurodiverse workforce brings to an organisation.

Did you know that neurodivergent people can be 30% to 50% more productive than other employees? Yet currently, this productivity is often untapped.

At this exclusive Neurodiversity Digital Focus Day, join our experts as they provide insight on various types of neurodiversity which may exist within your workforce – for example ADHD, autism and dyslexia – and the typical strengths and challenges of the various conditions. We will cover:

  • How hiring and investing in neuro-divergent individuals will improve your business
  • How to attract this talent pool through inclusive recruitment practices
  • Technologies and tools that you can employ to help support  neurodiverse colleagues

This in-depth online event features a mix of insightful presentations, interviews and case studies and a panel discussion.

Join us to discover practical ideas and resources to better support your neurodiverse workforce, attract future talent, and create an inclusive culture where all employees can thrive.

  • Discover new software tools and strategies to benefit diversity and inclusion in your organisation
  • Ignite passion for diversity and inclusion initiatives within your organisation and facilitate greater change for good
  • Connect with other professionals also looking to upgrade their D&I strategies and work together to advance change

Neurodiversity Digital Focus Day - ONLINE EVENT | Agenda

Tuesday 27th September 2022

10am – 11am BST

Breaking the Stereotypes Associated with Neurodiversity

  • One of the most common misconceptions in neurodiversity is the idea that only cis-gendered, introverted, tech geek men can be labeled as such. Yet neurodiversity is not limited to individuals of a specific gender, color, age, or ethnicity, instead, it is commonly intersectional in nature
  • Why it is important to break the neurodiversity stereotypes and provide similar support to people of all backgrounds, nationalities and colour
  • Calling for intersectional concepts to become more intentionally and more effectively interwoven into neurodiversity as a whole, and how employers can support this

Tahitia Timmons, Chief Disruptor and Innovator, Conscious By Us

11am – 12pm BST

Using Technology to Help a Neurodiverse Workforce Thrive

  • In the workplace, 43% of employees with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions do not feel comfortable to approach their employer to ask for change. Inclusive technology can offer instant and discreet support to staff, without the need to self-identify. 
  • In this session, explore our inclusion tool, Read&Write for Work. It’s a powerful set of reading and writing tools to help the huge numbers of people who struggle with digital text in some way. 
  • Discover how it can be easily integrated into your workplace so that your entire workforce has the support they need to work and achieve in their own way.

Nicola Warnock, Workplace D&I Solutions Manager, Texthelp

12pm – 1pm BST

Championing a Neurodiverse Workforce

  • Why the working world needs to become more aware of neurodiversity within the workforce

  • Ways in which employers and individuals can support and empower neurodivergent colleagues

  • Recognising the business benefits of fostering a diverse workforce, where diversity is a fundamental, valued and embedded component of its culture and identity

Ian Iceton, Pension Scheme Trustee, Non-Exec Director & HR Consultant, Autism in Work

1pm – 2pm BST

Supporting ADHD in the Workplace

  • Case study: living and working with ADHD

  • Making reasonable workplace adjustments to accommodate those with ADHD

  • Why every business needs to be ready to provide end-to-end disability support for neurodiverse colleagues 

  • Benefits of assistive technology, disability awareness training, workplace strategy coaching and ongoing technical support, and how to get started

Romane Donat, ADHDer, one of the top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women & Associate Director, Ipsos

2pm – 3pm BST

Developing your Neurodiversity Strategy

  • Benefits of increasing our understanding of those with autism, ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, Tourettes, OCD, bipolar (and others) and embracing differences
  • Focusing on the individuals at the heart of neurodiversity
  • How to foster advocates and allies at work to help change things from the inside out

Aidan Healy, Chairman, Lexxic

3pm – 4pm BST

Harnessing the Power of Neurodiversity in a Business Context

  • The business case for hiring individuals on the autism spectrum

  • The benefits of the programme and the challenges encountered

  • The wider benefits of the programme and advice to organisations within the Insurance industry who are thinking about harnessing the neurodiverse talent

Jane Hatton, Founder & CEO, Evenbreak

4pm – 5pm BST

Panel Discussion: Creating More Inclusive Workplaces Where Neurodivergent Individuals Can Thrive

  • How can we best raise awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace among employers?
  • What will it take to inspire more employers to take steps to encourage neurodiverse job applicants and remove potential ‘friction points’ in the hiring process?
  • How can employers best support their staff to achieve their potential and ensure that neurodiverse members of staff can be fully integrated and supported?
  • What are the best ways to make both your people management approach and workplace more ‘neurodiversity smart’?

Laura Grant, Oceania DE&I Talent Attraction & Acquisition Lead, EY 

Rebecca Smyth, Customer Relationship Team Lead, Texthelp

Emma Kosmin, Policy Officer, Equality and Strategy, TUC  

Neurodiversity Digital Focus Day Speakers 2022

Laura Grant

Laura Grant

Oceania DE&I Talent Attraction & Acquisition Lead


Jane Hatton new

Jane Hatton

Founder & CEO


Tahitia Timmons

Tahitia Timmons

Chief Disruptor and Lead

Conscious By Us

Aidan photo 500

Aidan Healy



Nicola Warnock

Nicola Warnock

Workplace D&I Solutions Manager


Georgina Wilczek

Event Director

Diversity Network

Ian Iceton

Pension Scheme Trustee, Non-Executive Director & HR Consultant

Autism in Work

Romane Donat

ADHDer, one of the top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women & Associate Director


Emma Cosmin

Emma Cosmin

Policy Officer, Equality & Strategy

Trade Unions Congress

Rebecca Smyth

Customer Relationship Team Lead


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Thank you very much for an excellent and thought provoking conference. Many thanks to the team for organising such a great event.
Great to be able to share our own experiences and tips but also to learn from other sectors.
Thank you... You are opening up a whole new realm of tech that I didn't know existed.
Thank you very much to you all for putting on a highly professional and great show!!