Ming Long is Diversity Council Australia’s New Chief

Diversity Council Australia’s (DCA’s) Board has appointed Ming Long AM as Chair. 

Ms Long has been deputy chair for four years: she was the first woman with Asian heritage to head a top 200 ASX organisation in Australia. 

“There is significant responsibility placed on leaders to understand diversity, how to be inclusive and how to harness all that capability into something cohesive,” Ms Long said.“It’s challenging work. But as businesses, as leaders, and to ensure our country’s success, we must do it.

“We must see Australia’s rich diversity reflected in our employees and our leadership. And to get there we need to have the character traits that serve our employees and customers best: to be inclusive, agile, humble, empathic, selfless, and courageous.” 

Ms Long was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia for her significant contribution to diversity and inclusion issues.

She replaces retired Lieutenant General, David Morrison AO who said: “It is wonderful that I am succeeded in that position by Ming. She is a woman of great integrity, great strength and, most importantly, great talent and skill.”


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