Lesley Salem, Founder of Over The Bloody Moon

Over The Bloody Moon supports those going through menopause at work, their colleagues and employers, so they can continue to thrive.

We provide a range of engaging education and support workshops (online and onsite) to break the taboo, and ensure the right policies and initiatives are in place. 

There are 4.3m women transitioning through menopause at work (plus those that identify as men) which represents the fastest growing group of workers in the UK. As well as natural perimenopause (the stage before menopause when women experience symptoms) that happens for most in their early 40’s, for 1 in 4, this happens under the age of 40, due to medical conditions, treatment or surgery.  Perimenopause can be a difficult time when women are coping with the demands of work and home-life, alongside poor sleep, brain fog, anxiety, hot flushes, low mood along with other aspects.

A recent report by Gen-M that surveyed 2,000 women showed that over 90% felt unprepared for perimenopause. This is in line with CIPD’s findings that 3 in 5 feel they can’t discuss their menopause experience in the workplace. It’s estimated that 20% of women leave their jobs because of this which results in lost talent and knowledge, increased recruitment costs and in some cases, tribunal costs.

With Matt Hancock’s Menopause Strategy now public, it’s time to get ready for menopause! Get in touch: lesley@overthebloodymoon.com to see how we can help.