How does DEIB fit into ESG?
Demonstrating relevancy, ROI and continued progress over time

First broadcast on Tuesday 21st November 2023

Join us for an engaging webinar that delves into the synergies between Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) within the broader framework of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), focusing on the pivotal elements of demonstrating relevance, return on investment (ROI), and sustained progress over time.

During the session, we will be navigating the intricacies of integrating DEIB principles into ESG strategies, and unveiling the transformative power of these initiatives for both businesses and individuals in the contemporary digital age.

Join us as we unravel the strategies that align DEIB practices with ESG objectives, emphasizing the creation of a workplace environment that values diversity, fosters equity, and propels organisational sustainability.

Here’s what you will gain by attending this webinar:

 – Discover the relationship between DEI and ESG and which metrics really matter for reporting purposes

  – Understand how the inclusion of DEIB metrics within ESG reports helps foster inclusivity, equity, and social impact within businesses

  – Learn how by publishing DEIB metrics, this can dramatically improve consumer and employee trust

  – Discover the metrics that really matter, such as improved innovation, employee satisfaction, and financial performance

  – Find out how best to demonstrate ongoing improvement in DEIB performance within the ESG framework



12:05pm EDT / 5:05pm BST 

Panel Discussion: Fostering and Supporting Neurodiverse Individuals at Work

In this panel, join us as we focus on the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace culture that values neurodiversity and provides accommodations and support for neurodiverse individuals to thrive in their careers.

  – Identifying the benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace such as enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills
  – Overcoming common challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals at work such as sensory overload and discomfort, communication barriers and social interaction difficulties, difficulty with time management and organization and challenges with task completion and following through
  – Identifying strategies for accommodating and supporting neurodiverse employees
  – Building awareness and understanding of neurodiversity among all employees
  – Encouraging open communication and feedback


Andrew Eddy, Co-Founder, Untapped

Paul Fox, Vice President, Customer Acquisition (Workplace), Texthelp

Meike Bliebenicht, Neurodiversity Programme Lead, BP

Our Speakers

Paul Fox, Vice President, Customer Acquisition (Workplace), Texthelp

Paul is Key Account Director and UK & Ireland Acquisitions Manager for Texthelp. Working across a number of key sectors including Government, Public Sector, Health, Third sector, Housing and Private Sector SME’s, Paul and his team provide assistive software solutions that help support those organisations in their diversity, inclusion and accessibility journey.

Prior to joining Texthelp in 2017, Paul spent 20 years with a leading Irish bank where he held positions including Area Manager and Head of Direct Sales & Service and more recently has also worked with the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Having spent a number of years as Volunteer Director and Chair of Stepping Stones NI and with close personal experience of learning disability, Paul has developed a keen interest in accessibility, diversity and inclusion and is passionate about promoting workplace equality and creating opportunity for all. 

Outside of work, Paul is a dedicated husband, devoted father of three, musician and most recently qualified pilot!

Visit Paul’s LinkedIn profile

Women at Work Digital Focus Day

What you will gain:

Flexible access to content

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Tuesday 5th June 2023 | Agenda

11:00am EDT / 4:00pm BST

Key advice on how to achieve wellness and wellbeing in the workplace 

  – Reviewing the wellbeing strategies which are working at Mazars – tips for other practitioners
  – Highlighting strategies to address anxiety and depression and other mental health issues
  – Protecting physical wellbeing in an age of flexible yet static desk-working
  – Tackling wellbeing issues connecting with the cost of living crisis
  – Measuring levels of content and taking a proactive approach to wellbeing issues

Sonal Dhulashia, Head of Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing, Mazars 

in conversation with Georgina Wilczek, Chair, Diversity Network

11:25am EDT / 4:25pm BST

Panel Discussion: Improving employee wellness and wellbeing, belonging and inclusion

  – How can organisations ensure that wellbeing is a priority?
  – How is the recession affecting budgets for wellbeing initiatives? What low-cost initiatives still might help?
  – Best practices for including mental health first aid training in your organisation
  – Identifying particiular wellbeing challenges of our age, such as hybrid and remote working
  – Identifying the economic value of investing in workplace wellbeing

Moderated by
Georgina Wilczek, Chair, Diversity Network


Mark Jones, EMEA Wellbeing Manager, Randstad

Caroline Creven Fourrier, VP Global Head of Wellbeing, Novartis

Louise Aston, Wellbeing Campaign Director, Business in the Community (BITC)

Access BITC’s latest report

Our speakers

Sonal Dhulashia, Head of Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing, Mazars

Sonal is an MCIPD qualified inclusion, diversity and wellbeing specialist who brings experience working both strategically and operationally to create inclusive workplaces. Ability to utilise commercial HR experience from a variety of sectors including retail, legal and professional services to drive workplace cultural change.

Follow Sonal on LinkedIn


11:00am EST / 4:00pm GMT

The link between sustainability and DEI 

  – Just how much sustainability and DEI have in common as conceptual quagmires and emergent corporate business units
  – The value in allyship and the challenges against making the connection happen
  – Why both areas face similar challenges and why the are the key to untapped value for companies
  – Why Europe and the UK are further along than other parts of the world in making sustainability initiatives meaningful
  – Focusing on practicalities: how to get around competition for resources, executive time and attention

Dr Kari Selander, Sustainability Strategy Consultant and Former US Director, Oxford Policy Management

Interviewed by Elisabeth Galvin, Content Editor, Diversity Network

11:30am EST / 4:30pm GMT

Making progress on sustainability through greater emphasis on DEI

  – Why HR needs DEI to change the culture and push the ESG agenda forward
  – Saying what you mean: Why clear communication and authenticity is key to customer trust
  – Summarising the situation in Hong Kong and ESG and DEI progress to date
  – Recommendations for weaving sustainability and DEI into core company strategy in a combined manner

Johanna Chan, Director of ESG and Impact Integration, Dream Impact

Interviewed by Elisabeth Galvin, Content Editor, Diversity Network

11:55am EST / 4:55pm GMT

Panel Discussion: How does DEIB fit into ESG? 

  – What is needed to upskill staff to work towards interconnected goals of DEI and ESG? 
  – What are the benefits of teams working together on these two issues – eg executive buy-in, strength in numbers 
  – Determining the business case for aligning ESG and DEI


Simon Langley, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, British International Investment

Ericka Brownlee-Keller, former Head of DEI, Enviva

Led by Georgina Wilczek, Chair, Diversity Network

Our Speakers

Johanna Chan, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, British International Investment

Johanna envisions a world with empowered women and purpose-driven businesses. At Dream Impact, Johanna is leading the ESG Advisory team and matching corporate social partnerships for 100+ social ventures, strategically implementing social innovations and environmental impact solutions from grassroot projects to corporations. She co-founded ethical brand RIL CREED under social venture LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability).

Click here to connect with Johanna on LinkedIn

Simon Langley, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, British International Investment

Simon is an experienced professional who is passionate about Inclusion & Diversity and its importance to organisational success. He works successfully with internal and external stakeholders at all levels and seek to establish effective networks. He welcomes the challenge of working with others to create an inclusive working environment, and putting in place the structure to support that environment.

Click here to connect with Simon on LinkedIn

Ericka Brownlee-Keller, former Head of DEI, Enviva

Ericka is an HR strategist with over 10 years of experience in diversity practices, corporate social responsibility & social impact. Throughout her career, she has been able to marry her passion for DEI theory with practical implications to design, execute, and deliver numerous diversity, philanthropic and advocacy initiatives to clients. She is extremely passionate about people development, strategic partnerships and attacking problems; not people.

Click here to connect with Ericka on LinkedIn

Dr Kari Selander, Sustainability Strategy Consultant and Former US Director, Oxford Policy Management

Kari Selander is a social scientist that works as a strategy and sustainability consultant. Her current portfolio of work is focused on developing sustainability strategies and tools for businesses and philanthropies. She just completed a more than year investigation into the binding constraints to solving homelessness in the United States. Prior to her time working in sustainability and development, Kari worked in a range of news and production roles in New York, Hong Kong and London.

Her work as director of OPM U.S. focused on business development and corporate social responsibility initiatives in a highly matrixed organization, working directly with the organization’s C-suite: building partnerships with mission-aligned development organisations to deliver innovative research and strategic guidance. She was the Founding Director of OPM’s Oxford Policy Fellowship Programme, OPM’s flagship CSR initiative. Kari’s consultancy work focused on natural resource governance, political economy programming, and law and development. Her PhD focused on environmental law and justice in the context of oil exploitation in Nigeria.

She was previously an EC Marie Curie research fellow, and Consultant at Oxford Policy Management in the Economic Policy Programme. She was also a visiting research fellow at Columbia Law School’s Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (Now CCSI) and UCLA’s Department of Political Science working on fuel subsidies. Personal interests include: climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Click here to connect with Kari on LinkedIn

Georgina Wilczek, Chair, Diversity Network

Georgina is an experienced journalist, researcher, conference producer and event host. She creates market-leading digital content and virtual, hybrid and in-person conferences and events on a wide array of topics and has devised and produced award-winning commercial events for some of the world’s largest events houses. She also spent five years as a Researcher and Producer for BBC Radio 4, producing many high-profile national radio programmes. She is passionate about creating first-class content which can make a positive contribution to society.

Click here to connect with Georgina on LinkedIn

Elisabeth Galvin, Content Editor, Diversity Network

Elisabeth is a content editor at Diversity Network, committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and creating a better workplace for all. As a journalist and author, she has worked in the US, London, Australia and Hong Kong for a range of magazines and newspapers. She is now based in Australia writing her third biography for the publisher Pen & Sword.

Click here to connect with Elisabeth on LinkedIn

Why attend?

Why Attend?

Gain unparalleled insights: Delve into the latest research, best practices, and case studies from global companies that have successfully implemented diverse supply chains. Learn from pioneers who have navigated the challenges and harnessed the opportunities that arise when establishing greater diversity within all areas of their internal and external operations.

Empower your organisation: Gain practical strategies and actionable takeaways to empower your organisation to build a richer and more diverse supply chain. Gain the knowledge and resources needed to drive lasting change, and help your organisation to establish a solid reputation for its  inclusive culture and best practice principles.

Be at the forefront of the DEIB movement: As the world continues to grapple with complex societal issues, be a part of the movement that is shaping the future of DEIB. Contribute to thought-provoking discussions, challenge conventional norms, and gain inspiration from thought leaders who are leading the charge in creating a more equitable world.

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