How can we empower middle managers to be leaders?

"Shifting culture is never fast or easy: consistency is the key to delivering a sustainable change to be proud of.

"Inclusion is what you do every day inside and outside of work."

Oli O'Donoghue - MBE is Managing Director of Mortgages for HSBC. She been working in the banking sector since 2008 and was recognised for her services to diversity in the financial sector last year when King Charles awarded her an MBE.

She has recently returned to the mortgage sector: Oli left Barclays Bank in 2017 as National Performance Director of Mortgages. At HSBC, where she has been for seven years, she was previously Managing Director – Branch Network.

Oli will share her insights into how we can empowering middle managers to become DEI leaders at our INCLUSION conference, broadcasting online from 1 to 5 July. She will be joined by Natasha Whitehurst, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Rolls-Royce, and Suzanna Chaplin, CEO at esbconnect.

Hear our expert panel as they discuss:

– How can middle managers be empowered to champion inclusion policies within their teams?

– What specific actions can middle managers take to create a more diverse and inclusive culture?

– How can organisations ensure that DEI messages are effectively communicated to middle managers on a consistent basis?

Natasha Whitehurst will share the initiatives that Rolls-Royce is making to ensure that middle managers have the confidence and skills to commit to the DEI agenda. “We have two eyes and one mouth and should be leading in that order,” believes Natasha.

Suzanna Chaplin has been concentrating on an inclusive culture at her organisation to make sure everyone feels included. “It’s all about fostering an open environment,” she says. 

Join Natasha, Oli and Suzanna to learn how you can empower your middle managers to help you deliver on your diversity, equity and inclusion goals – no matter your organisational setting – by registering for your ticket here.

We look forward to seeing you!

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