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First broadcast on Tuesday 25th April 2023

Welcome to Diversity Network’s webinar on fostering and supporting neurodiverse individuals at work!

It’s estimated that around 15% of the population is neurodiverse in some way, which means that workplaces can benefit greatly from understanding and supporting this diverse group of employees. Neurodiversity refers to the natural variations in the human brain, including conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more. At work, neurodiverse individuals may face unique challenges in areas such as communication, social interaction, and sensory processing. However, with the right support and accommodations, they can make valuable contributions to the workplace and thrive in their careers.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how to foster a more inclusive workplace culture that supports neurodiversity. We’ll cover:

The benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace
Common challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals at work
Strategies for accommodating and supporting neurodiverse employees
Best practices for creating a more inclusive workplace culture
Our speakers for this webinar are experts in the field of neurodiversity and inclusion, with years of experience supporting and advocating for neurodiverse individuals in the workplace.

Join us for an informative and engaging session that will help you build a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all employees.


11am EDT / 4pm BST 


How to create a more inclusive, neurodiversity-aware workplace

During this talk, we’ll explore what neurodiversity is and why it matters in the workplace. We’ll discuss the strengths and challenges that neurodiverse individuals can bring to the workplace and how to support them to succeed. We’ll also share practical tips and tools for creating a more inclusive workplace culture, including assistive technology and accommodations.

  – What neurodiversity is and why it matters in the workplace
  – Identifying strengths and challenges that neurodiverse individuals can bring to the workplace
  – How to support neurodiverse individuals to succeed in their roles
  – Practical tips and tools for creating a more inclusive workplace culture
  – Discussing the advantages of assistive technology and accommodations

Paul Fox, Vice President, Customer Acquisition (Workplace), Texthelp

11:25am EDT / 4:25pm BST 


Why neurodiversity needn’t be too hard to handle

  – Championing diversity: Why neuroinclusion is essential within any successful business
  – Rangam’ vision for the employability for neurominorities
  – Workforce solutions to support neurodiversity in the workplace
  – Creating processes and procedures to support neurominorities and helpful changes that work for all

Lee Corless, Head of Global Expansion, People & Culture, Rangam Consultants

11:40am EDT / 4:40pm BST 


Supporting neurodiverse individuals of every ethnicity

  – Building accountable and accessible environments for neurodistinct individuals from every community
  – Understanding the difficulties that neurodiverse individuals from ethnic minorities can face in the workplace
  – Explaining the work of Black Neurodiversity in supporting black neurodistinct individuals on their journeys
  – The Black Futures project, detailing the experiences of 28 black neurodiverse business professionals

Ben-Oni, Founder, Black Neurodiversity

12:05pm EDT / 5:05pm BST 

Panel Discussion: Fostering and Supporting Neurodiverse Individuals at Work

In this panel, join us as we focus on the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace culture that values neurodiversity and provides accommodations and support for neurodiverse individuals to thrive in their careers.

  – Identifying the benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace such as enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills
  – Overcoming common challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals at work such as sensory overload and discomfort, communication barriers and social interaction difficulties, difficulty with time management and organization and challenges with task completion and following through
  – Identifying strategies for accommodating and supporting neurodiverse employees
  – Building awareness and understanding of neurodiversity among all employees
  – Encouraging open communication and feedback


Andrew Eddy, Co-Founder, Untapped

Paul Fox, Vice President, Customer Acquisition (Workplace), Texthelp

Meike Bliebenicht, Neurodiversity Programme Lead, BP

Our Speakers

Paul Fox, Vice President, Customer Acquisition (Workplace), Texthelp

Paul is Key Account Director and UK & Ireland Acquisitions Manager for Texthelp. Working across a number of key sectors including Government, Public Sector, Health, Third sector, Housing and Private Sector SME’s, Paul and his team provide assistive software solutions that help support those organisations in their diversity, inclusion and accessibility journey.

Prior to joining Texthelp in 2017, Paul spent 20 years with a leading Irish bank where he held positions including Area Manager and Head of Direct Sales & Service and more recently has also worked with the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Having spent a number of years as Volunteer Director and Chair of Stepping Stones NI and with close personal experience of learning disability, Paul has developed a keen interest in accessibility, diversity and inclusion and is passionate about promoting workplace equality and creating opportunity for all. 

Outside of work, Paul is a dedicated husband, devoted father of three, musician and most recently qualified pilot!

Visit Paul’s LinkedIn profile

Meike Bliebenicht, Neurodiversity Programme Lead, BP

Meike is a DE&I leader and neurodiversity expert, experienced in defining a DE&I vision, implementing strategies to improve inclusion and creating equitable HR processes in global organisations. 

Benefiting from two decades of international commercial experience at global asset management firms spanning Asia Pacific, EMEA and North America, she has a strong track record of leading complex projects with multiple stakeholders and delivering business growth.

She is the Winner of Women in Finance’s ‘Diversity Initiative of the Year 2020’ and Investment Week ‘Role Model of the Year 2019’ awards in recognition of achievements in promoting and advancing neurodiversity across the financial industry.

Visit Meike’s LinkedIn profile

Lee Corless, Head of Global Expansion, People & Culture, Rangam Consultants

Lee is a commercially astute results driven Diversity Equity & Inclusion executive leader. He is a globally recognised autism, neurodiverse and disability self advocate and Community and Inclusion expert.

Lee has years of experience working within the financial, technology, and recruitment industries. He is recognized as a world leader in the neurodiversity inclusion space and is an accomplished, in-demand, global speaker. Lee also assisted in designing a leading Autism at Work program within one of the largest international investment corporations.

As an autistic self-advocate, Lee supports the advancement of adapting the workplace to embrace neurodiversity and encourage neurodivergent individuals to seek employment.

Visit Lee’s LinkedIn profile

Ben-Oni, Founder, Black Neurodiversity

Ben-Oni (any/all pronouns) is a neuroindigenous queer trans-pangender psychologist, community organizer, and creative residing in the land of the Tongva people (los angeles). Ben-Oni holds a master’s in Autism Spectrum Disorders and is currently pursuing a Clinical Psychology doctorate with a specialization in Advanced Psychological Assessment at Saybrook University. Basketball is still life for Ben-Oni, volunteer coaching a local youth basketball team aptly named the Princeton Tigers after their undergraduate alma mater. 

Ben-Oni is also a former educator (PreK-6th), children’s playspace manager, curriculum developer, community integration specialist, public relations creative account associate, and go go dancer. They are currently a doctoral student, peer support leader, entrepreneur, psychometrist, actor, model, aspiring woodworker, and Idyllwild enthusiast.

Their dream is to build a retreat/clinic/self-sustaining community centering Black neurodistinct people. You are helping them do that by utilizing the resources and offerings of Black Neurodiversity to make that dream a reality.

Access Ben-Oni’s Black Futures Interviews on Instagram

Visit Ben-Oni’s LinkedIn profile

Andrew Eddy, Co-Founder, Untapped

Andrew Eddy is a co-founder of Untapped, a for-purpose social enterprise focused on developing a neurodiverse employment ecosystem to increase opportunities for autistic individuals. He promotes the global Neurodiversity Hub and Genius Armoury initiatives.

Previously, Andrew was the first CFO of Aconex Limited – the global platform used by most construction projects. Prior to this, he was Group General Manager Finance at Amcor Limited responsible for ensuring the Group’s optimal funding and managing foreign currency and interest rate risks, insurance, the risk function and pensions. He started his career with Arthur Andersen and spent 13 years at Orica Limited in different roles in Melbourne, London and Sydney in the areas of treasury, business controlling, strategy, planning and systems implementation.

Between 2010 and 2019, he was a member of the Council (board of directors) of La Trobe University and served as a Deputy Chancellor, inaugural chair of the Human Resources Committee, deputy chair of the Finance and Resource Committee and Investment Committee and chair of the Strategic Innovation Fund Advisory Committee. Between 2004 and 2009, Mr Eddy served on the Board of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. He served on their Finance and Audit Committee between 1998 and 2012.

He has a Bachelor of Commerce (University of Melbourne) and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. With the AICD, he has completed the “Company Directors Course” and the Advanced Diploma “Mastering the Boardroom” course.

Visit Andrew’s LinkedIn profile

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