Activities for Pride Month

“Authenticity is the most important thing when it comes to planning activities for Pride Month. Queer people aren’t just for June,” says Joanne Lockwood, Inclusive Culture Expert with SEE Change Happen, who was the host of Diversity Network’s May LiveMeet, which focused on activities for Pride Month.

“We see pink washing every year – LinkedIn will be awash with rainbow flags. Similarly, we see the same for Black Lives Matter and International Women’s Day.

“I do give large organisations credit for making an effort because it does take a great deal of preparation to change a corporate logo into pink, for example. Sometimes organisations are criticised for not holding LGBTQ+ events in the Middle East. But those organisations would be breaking the law.

“However, for long-term, genuine change, LGBTQ+ initiatives have to take place all year. Allyship can really advance the cause – both for corporates and for individuals. Listening to lived experience is essential: I hear all the time someone’s perspective on being trans and how I should react and feel to certain situations.

“It is important that organisations provide room for authentic voices so people can gain empathy from listening to real stories.

“But the most important thing is action. Action is what changes things – not just talking about it. What is the one thing you will do after joining this LiveMeet today?

“We can’t fix everything but why don’t you be the one who promotes best practice and doesn’t let things pass.

“From a gay perspective, we are going backwards.

“There are some places in the world that are advancing but there are big pushbacks against trans rights in the UK and the US. Being a DEI practitioner is exhausting at the moment – and doing it alone is like riding a motorcycle without a helmet with the wind pushing you backwards.

“That’s the power of networks like Diversity Network and today’s LiveMeet – we are stronger together.”

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