About Us

About Us

Diversity Network is a passionate and fast-growing business community of over 20,000 multi-sector HR and D&I professionals across the world committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace – and above all, bringing about change.

At Diversity Network, we believe passionately in equality, diversity and inclusion and creating a better workplace for all. Through our work, we aim to shine a light on the most exciting changes in business towards parity through a valuable mix of case studies, online events, debates, interviews and insights from industry professionals on the front line of change.

Diversity Network is completely independent and not tied to a certain sector or aspect of D&I. Our only agenda is to facilitate strategic-focused discussion and debate around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in a workplace and business environment. Our events are there to inform, educate, challenge, and inspire.

In our high-quality events and online content at diversity-network.com, we feature organisations across all sectors, locations, and stages of their diversity and inclusion journey. We have a global reach – our online events can be attended by anyone from anywhere, and they are free to attend, making them extremely accessible.

Our writers, researchers and conference producers are highly experienced practitioners with extensive practical market knowledge, insight, and connections. We dedicate a large amount of time to research in putting each new project together, to ensure that every event, article, podcast and video that we put together meets the needs of our audience and reflects the rapidly changing market as closely as possible.

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